This site attempts to gather as much information as possible about those with the surname McHorse. It seems that we're all descended from John W. McHorse who was born in 1819. He must have changed his name to McHorse from something else, because all attempts to trace his origins have failed. If you have any information that can be added to this site, please contact me at "cmchorsejr at satx dot rr dot com."



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McHorse Headstone
Photograph of the headstone marker in the Texas State Cemetery for John W. McHorse.


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John W. McHorse 1819-1897

Here are some of the ideas I've heard concerning where the name McHorse came from. If you have other information, please let me know. I'll be glad to include it. One of these days, with the help of the internet, I think the truth will emerge.

"It's rumored that the original name was McHuse. A story circulated in at least one McHorse family that J. W. McHuse met Sam Houston when he moved to Texas. It was Mr. Houston that suggested McHorse as a better name for a Texan.... and thus the name change." - Barry Kirkland

"As far as the name McHorse will probably be one of the unsolved mysteries. Aunt Wadie and Florene says that papa McHorse always said it was Whitehorse. A second cousin in Abilene says that my uncle Elton had all of the papers on the McHorse family and that the original name is in these papers. She never did give them to me while I was there. Elton always maintained that we were of Indian fact he received grants from two tribes for his children's education. However, my question is, which side of the family was he referring to? Also, the McHorse daughter said all of the info they have on the McHorse family is in the Library in Abilene." - Marshall Johnson

"I talked to a genealogy researcher and he thinks we came from Scotland as our name was McHorseberg or burg, not sure of the spelling." - John McHorse

"Theory #1 - John's father was a stowaway on a boat (I assume from Scotland) and he changed his name (from McHall or McHale) when he arrived at Ellis Island. It's my understanding that Kendra Meadows McHorse researched the issue and actually traced the McHorse name back to the records at Ellis Island. Theory #2 - the McHorse name evolved from another name when the original person/McHorse married/mixed with Indians in the Carolinas." - Scott McHorse

"I am a direct descendant of John McHorse on my mother's side. I have heard the Sam Houston story all of my life, but in the version I have heard, upon meeting John at age 17 just before the Battle of San Jacinto, Houston suggested he change his name from "McHOUSE" to McHorse, a more "Texan" name." - Terry L. Simmons